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The RV Roofing Solution

Eco-Coat™, an innovative product from Rhino Linings that forms a long-term barrier against water intrusion and leakage. Sprayed onto an RV roof, it constructs a flexible, 3 mm coat that forms a tight seal around all bolts, protrusions and gaps.

With an aluminum-like finish, Eco-Coat™ also protects against UV degradation and keeps the temperature inside the trailer lower that traditional roofing material.

Click on this link for the Eco-Coat™ data sheet

An RV Roof that is Guaranteed to Last!

Rhino ECO-Coat Process

Spray-on application of ECO-Coat
  1. Existing roof is stripped down to the underlying plywood
  2. Seams and large gaps are filled and any previous adhesives are removed and sanded down
  3. All of the wood and various surfaces are sanded, prepped and masked
  4. Primer is applied
  5. EcoCoat™ is applied

Eco-Coat™ Pricing

Prices start at:

  • $220/running foot for a flat roof
  • $250/running foot for a roof with rounded edges

An RV Roof that's Easy to Patch

Easy to patch when new equipment is installed on the roof

Seamless Roofing Material

Sprayed on application creates a seamless finish

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